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Take custom Thunder Sticks To Your Next Sporting Event! cheap prices, Imprinted With Your Logo. Free, Same Day Proofs. Free Samples


+custom +thundersticks
+custom +thundersticks
+custom +thunder +sticks
custom thunder sticks

cheering sticks

1.Product Material: PE/Plastic
2.Technology: Print, Cut, Seal, Packing
3.Color: Any Pantone color
4.Design: Customized
5.Standard Size: 60*10cm,58*15 cm or customized
6.MOQ: 500 pairs
7.Size: 60*10cm,58*15 cm or customized
8.Packing details: Individual package; 100pcs/opp; 2500pcs/ctn
9.Carton size: 1pair/poly bag with a straw, 500pairs/ctn
46*36*25CM ; G.W.: 10.5kgs/ctn
10.Sample time: a. 3-4 days if you customize your logo
  b. 1-2 days for our stocked samples for reference.
11.OEM Service: Available
12.Payment Term: T/T, Paypal,Western Uninon,Mony Gram,L/C

There are different types of personalized thunder sticks.

custom thunder sticks no minimum

You can place order for your custom thunder stick online by using the online system that will let you make the changes on a virtual model before the manufacturer receives it. This will help you get all the details down and make suitable changes instead of just telling the seller what to make. There are no mistakes with this system.

We use template to set the artwork instead of hologram which can usually be distressing and less precise than template. Therefore, leave the work of making the custom thunder stick with us. The virtual mockup gives you the opportunity to assess your cheering sticks before you receive it. This is a no-fault system that we have devised for the satisfaction of customers.

cheering sticks
cheering sticks

+Personalized +Thundersticks

+Personalized +Thundersticks imprint with logo +Personalized +Thundersticks pms color


The second part is customizing the shape of the thunder sticks. The size of the thunder stick should be 10 cm wide at least for the model to be made. Besides that you can pick circular or rectangular shapes for the customization of the sticks. But the shapes are not limited to this. If you are buying thunder stick for company you can get shapes that match your logo too. For example animal shapes, jar shapes and so on.

Custom Thunderstick With Beard For Diabetes Ok


Round Head Top Thunder Stix

Round Head Top Thunder Stix
Round Head Top Thunder Stix


Bottle Shape cheer Sticks


Bottle Shape Bam Bam Sticks
Bottle Shape Bam Bam Sticks

Led Glow Cheering Sticks Sticks

Led Glow Cheering Sticks Sticks

Led Glow Cheering Sticks Sticks For Peugeot

Led Glow Cheering Sticks Sticks For Peugeot
Led Glow Cheering Sticks Sticks For Peugeot

LED Foam Stick Printed Logo


Thunder Sticks bulk mock up

Thunder sticks are the latest toys which are in form of inflatable sticks. The point of these sticks is to make noise during the most exciting moments of your life. Many people call them different names to denote to their cheery nature. The thunder sticks are becoming more and more common as they are used in sports such as football, baseball and hockey etc. Many companies also get custom thunder sticks with their name on it.

This can be useful for the companies which are sponsoring the event or sports occasion. Moreover, thunder sticks are available in plastic as well as foam LED. We provide the highest quality custom thunder sticks no minimum imported from China. Our wholesale business provides these sticks in USA, Canada and UK.



bulk thunder sticks mock up
bulk thunder sticks

Thunder Sticks digital proof


degin artwork in eps format

Are you already interested in making the purchase? You can place your order online with us and your product will reach you as soon as it is ready. We are the largest manufacturers of personalized thunder sticks and have a large satisfied growing customer base.

Custom Thunder Sticks For Event

category of thunder sticker

Custom Thundersticks Features

  1. The thunder sticks vary in thickness: 0.06mm, 0.07mm, 0.075mm, 0.08mm
  2. The different sizes available for bulk thunder sticks are: 56×24 (round top), 60×10 (regular), 20×30 (flag shape), 57×35(finger shape)
  3. You can also get different colors for the personalized thunder sticks.

Custom Thundersticks Features

Custom Thundersticks materials pms color available

We comply with the demands of our clients. We can also put 4-color on either side of inflatable thunder sticks. Moreover, each single stick is affordable when you are buying one instead of two. You can send us your orders with colors and quotes to put on the stick.

Square Top bulk Thunder Stick

The square top thunder sticks use PE material which is usually similar material as that of plastic bags. You can create your thunder sticks in your required size as well. If you use one color for the base, you will also be able to save money. One base color will also make your stick stand out.

On the other hand, you can simply add a 4-color logo for branding. This will help you advertise while saving money. We also provide bulk orders so you can get up to 300 thunder sticks in blue and white. You can use bulk orders for customizing with company information as logo.

There are many different companies which have availed the simplistic square top for the designing of their custom thunder sticks. On

We also have the following shapes which can be used for thunder sticks:

Bottle Shape thunder sticks

LED Foam Thunder Sticks

Light Up Thunder Sticks

Race Cloth Back Thunder Sticks

These are merely a few options of the potential shapes that you can mold when you are forming the template. You can get any shape which is suitable for the occasion therefore expanding your options to get the most creative, colorful and cheery thunder sticks that will add fun to your event.

packaging and delivery

packaging and delivery packaging and delivery


LED Foam Sticks

LED Foam Sticks are also known as glow sticks and they are mostly used for concerts or parties. The LED foam sticks can be in different shades and you can place brand logo on it. The technique is 6-mode switch which is integrated in these sticks making them ideal for fun time. If you are organizing a 60s themed party, then provide these to your guests and see how things will get jazzy around. You have the option of three colors: green, red and blue!

The LED batons are 16 inches in size and they are lightweight enough to carry around.

Anyone around the world can contact us because we ship these sticks worldwide. You can order from Germany, Portugal or Brazil etc. and we will deliver your order to you.

These are the features that are included in the custom glow stick:

  • Stopper
  • Battery cover
  • On and off switch
  • White switch


our certificate

There are also two modes of flashing available including the flashing shades or solid colors. You can choose which one to use at any occasion with one switch. You can use the AG13 battery to power the glow stick that will last for up to 20 hours. To offer a wide array of shades we use Pantone Match so you can pick whichever shade you want.

To further provide more options we have: fast rainbow strobe, steady light rainbow and slow rainbow strobe. These will definitely make your events colorful and nice. Our glow sticks are made from the finest quality of material which makes them sturdy and long lasting. And with help of heat shrinkage, we place the logos on the glow sticks.

You can start designing your LED thunder stick, or plain thunder sticks right now and place the order for delivery!

Custom Thunder Sticks

Take custom Thunder Sticks To Your Next Sporting Event! cheap prices. Imprinted With Your Logo. Free, Same Day Proofs. Free Samples.
MOQ 500 pcs
delivery time 7 days